Trademark law refers to the body of rules, policies, and statutes related to trademarks. There are many rights, limitations, exceptions, and rules regarding trademarks.

We are able to assist you in protecting your trademark, including helping you deal with improper use and/or trademark infringement. From registering your trademark to securing, maintaining, and enforcing your rights, we will help protect you from claims and threat of infringement, by identifying the limits and defends to claims of infringement. The laws governing the unauthorized use or treatment of a trademark are essential to know if one is protect their trademark or claim trademark infringement.

As intellectual property, trademarks can be sold, transferred, licensed and/or diluted. It is important to understand and be prepared for every legal scenario that can occur as a result from licensing trademarks. Our attorneys are prepared to review and advise your licensing agreements and trademark terms and conditions.

We have also handled several litigation cases involving trademarks and intellectual property. We have successfully prosecuted and handled litigation over trade names and trademarks.