Real Estate law is the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property within the common law legal system.

Whether you’re buying a home or you’re an investor, attorneys are extremely useful for all of the steps in your transaction. Our attorneys have successfully handled commercial real estate transactions with valuations of more than $30 million. From a 10-story building in Phoenix to hotels in San Diego, our attorney have handled various transactions for large real estate investment companies, asset management companies, and private investors. Our attorneys have experience dealing with complicated breach of lease contracts to the purchase and sale of large commercial buildings.

Our strategy is simple and effective:

Firstly, we can review a property’s transaction history and title to ensure that the property is able to be sold and that no past owners will come back claiming to still own the house.

Secondly, we are qualified to advise investors and homeowners regarding their financing options.

Third, we can help review the sale and purchasing agreements to make sure it is fair to all parties and that you are well protected.

Other related areas of real estate law where we can assist you are:

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